Google Engage Connect Orlando at IPG

IPG Hosts Google Engage Connect in Orlando

Google Engage Connect BannerOn March 5, 2013, IPG was proud to host the Google Engage Connect live streaming event from our offices in Orlando. We had a great group of Orlando area business people join us to learn more about digital marketing and how an agency like IPG, together with the power of Google, can help small businesses.

See pictures and the part of the Google event we couldn't show you in person.

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A Website Costs How Much?

Websites Cost How Much??

We frequently speak with people that are surprised by how much a website costs. Even some in the industry scoff at the prices others charge for a website. The key to understanding website cost is knowing what the service provider is actually giving you and how much work is going to be required on your end.

In this entry, I'll try to break down the various levels of websites and service providers so you have a better understanding of why websites cost what they do.

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New Google AdWords Rotation


So mad I'm not even bothering to SEO this rant. Google just significantly increased our workload across all PPC campaigns for no reason other than to cater to the uninitiated. And the marketing spin on this one is classic...

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Matt Cutts Movember

Google's Top "Spam Cop" Can Grow A Mean 'Stache!

I used to think Tony Stewart was the ultimate 5 o'clock shadow man, but after seeing the two photos Google's Matt Cutts posted on November 30 for Movember I have to admit I've never seen a moustache that grows so quickly.

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Creative vs. SEO

My Creativity Is At War With My SEO!

I had the pleasure of a wonderful visit with friends at Beloved yesterday. Thinking about our conversation I realized it can be pretty darn tough to have a great creative message and still maintain SEO. Can creative and SEO work together, or are we becoming a world of structured communication based on keyword research by a bunch of stats geeks?

Let's find out

Why A Quick Change Takes So Long

You have the web code, why does the website change cost so much?

This entry is inspired by actual events that took place one morning in the office. A client wanted us to add a widget to their website for an online lead generation service. The website already had a lead generation form and the service provided the code that needed to be included. So why would it take hours to make such a simple change???

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DIY SEO Orlando

Do-It-Yourself SEO in Orlando

Enough is enough! I received another spam email today from what we like to call a "craphat" SEO company. These folks, in very broken English, offered to "...bring Traffic to Your Site and rank You Top with our LSI based Google's Algorithm at affordable rates" [sic], [sic], [sic]! That's what it made me: sick!

3 Step DIY SEO Process

Back to Web Design School

My Trip to Full Sail University

Yesterday I had the pleasure and honor to visit with some of the staff from Full Sail University's Web Design and Development Program. Full Sail is probably better known for it's graduates in the film and recording industries, but this relatively new program (in it's 3rd year now) shows that this school understands the convergence of media we are all seeing in the industry.

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