10 Commandments of Internet Marketing

It is also probable that our digital marketing prophet would receive a parting gift in the form of a very large and heavy tablet.  This tablet would likely be shaped in the form of a laptop and the text would probably be written in a binary language as opposed to Greek, Hebrew or Cuneiform.  It is fair to assume that the message would be simple, straightforward and non-compromising as was a similar tablet some 3,000 years old.

Through our work with clients and other digital prophets we surmise the message would be something like this…

  1. Thou shall not attempt to perform any digital marketing on thine own unless thou know what thou are doing.
  2. Thou shall not digitally market without a strategy.
  3. Thou shall not digitally market without measuring the results.
  4. Thou shall commit to a reasonable digital marketing budget based upon a desired ROI.
  5. Thou shall clearly define and understand thy digital market positioning.
  6. Thou shall not digitally market without really knowing thy clients and prospects.
  7. Thou shall closely monitor what thy competition is doing.
  8. Thou shall digitally market the benefits of thy product or service and merchandise, not thy features.
  9. Thou shall not waste time coveting thy competitor’s customer.  Thou shall just steal them.
  10. Thou shall not work with a company that tells you they will have you ranked #1 in Google in 30 days.  These companies are going to a “bad” place.

Note:  If you are considering trying to manage your own Internet marketing or have found someone who will handle it for you for $99 per month, we strongly urge you to print this document, cut out the 10 commandments and glue them in the direct center of your computer monitor.  By doing so you will not hurt yourself or any innocents that are nearby.