An Automobile And A Website

Upon being greeted (or accosted!) by the salesperson you explain you are looking for a small but attractive SUV and you’d like to see the SRX. Thinking he has a “slam-dunk” sale the salesperson quickly brings you to an area of the lot where there are 30 or more SRXs.

Every style and color of the SRX is there as you mention you want a blue one. In the second row are three of them and as you move toward the first the salesperson asks, “What type of transmission do you want, automatic or standard?” to which you reply, “I don’t care”. He shrugs it off as you begin admiring the color, the finish, the chrome and the pin striping.

The salesperson then asks, “What size engine are you thinking of?” and you remark “It’s not important.” Somewhat confused the salesperson begins describing the brake and suspension systems. Appearing irritated you tell the salesperson that you “don’t care about all the mechanical stuff” and that you “just want the car to look good”.

“So you aren’t concerned with the engine, the transmission, the brakes or the suspension?” asks the salesperson. “You’re not getting me.” you reply. “All I care about is will the car look good so my friends will be envious of me”. And the salesperson quips “Even if it won’t make it out of your driveway?”

You’d be surprised (then again maybe not!) how many times we Internet marketers deal with a similar situation – web site design. For some reason, and please drop me a note if you can tell me why, even the most astute business people get hung up on the design of their web site(s) and don’t spend five minutes considering how to make them “run”.

The moral of this little story is the body of a car will not take you places; the engine and other mechanics will. The design of a web site won’t help you get found online; the marketing will.