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We thought we would do something different at IPG. You see, we have been doing this Internet marketing thing since the mid-1990’s. And since then the industry has become much more complex. Yet, the sales process has changed little while customer choices have grown exponentially. So, at IPG we thought we would simply simplify Internet marketing for most small to medium-sized businesses and organizations.

You need a web site. Your site needs to be found by your customers. And you need to build relationships with the people that pay your bills. You’ll need to spend a few thousand dollars to do it right and your people will need to buy into your online plan. But when you do it right and you know what you’re doing it can be a beautiful thing.

It starts with your web site. But it’s not all about your web site. It’s the marketing and social media that will bring you new customers and help you keep them. IPG Performance Packages “balance” your Internet marketing investment so your company can not only BE online, you’ll be effective online.

The SBA recommends small and medium sized businesses invest 7-12% of revenue in marketing.

You can do the math for your company. Numerous others recommend that upwards of 40% of your marketing budget should be dedicated to the Internet. Regardless of your math, the fact is you must be online and you’d better do it well! And it’s a good idea for you to look at how you are currently spending your marketing dollars if it’s not online.


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    So You Want To Be A Groupie?

    It's a tough life. At IPG we feel we own you. We only accept the best work and don't accept any excuses. We work 27 hours per day, 12 days per week. Not scared off yet? Then perhaps you would be interested in why we do what we do...

    • We're passionate about internet marketing and driving extreme returns on investment for our clients.
    • We constantly learn from each other and push each other to be the best.
    • We have a family atmosphere (though not family-friendly in the office--we're all adults after all. At least that's what we tell ourselves.)
    • We have competitive salaries, paid time off, 11 holidays, and flexible benefits packages.
    • Did we mention everyone has a share in the company's success?

    Most of our groupies are a result of targeted recruiting efforts. We know what we want and we go after it. However, if you think you can impress us we are always looking to meet new people who are as good at what they do as we are. The only way you'll be considered is by following the directions for the position you are interested in (click on the position below to find out more).

    The following are our available positions...

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    Our Marketing Partners

    Talk about a “dream team” of marketing and technology providers! That is what IPG can bring to your Internet and conventional marketing efforts. From print and broadcast advertising and language translation to IT networking and multi-media production services IPG has created a network of some of the finest companies that can help support IPG clients.

    The value to you?

    • You don’t have to find and contact them yourself.
    • IPG has already “vetted” them for highest performance and best client service ethic.
    • As most solutions require multiple providers, IPG qualifies those best for your needs and keeps them in sync when delivering your solution.
    • You don’t pay anything extra for this service. In fact, you will likely invest much less working with the IPG “group” than if you were to go ala carte’!

    You are “judged by the company you keep” and we believe this elite network of providers, with IPG at the helm, will bring outstanding results to your operation.

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    Our Internet Marketing Experts

    IPG's people bring tremendous experience and passion to your internet marketing efforts. Our teams are judged by your success online. While each IPG "Groupie" brings specific talents to their work, every member of the team is keenly focused on the key component to your internet marketing efforts - your return on investment.

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