Our Marketing Partners

Talk about a “dream team” of marketing and technology providers! That is what IPG can bring to your Internet and conventional marketing efforts. From print and broadcast advertising and language translation to IT networking and multi-media production services IPG has created a network of some of the finest companies that can help support IPG clients.

The value to you?

  • You don’t have to find and contact them yourself.
  • IPG has already “vetted” them for highest performance and best client service ethic.
  • As most solutions require multiple providers, IPG qualifies those best for your needs and keeps them in sync when delivering your solution.
  • You don’t pay anything extra for this service. In fact, you will likely invest much less working with the IPG “group” than if you were to go ala carte’!

You are “judged by the company you keep” and we believe this elite network of providers, with IPG at the helm, will bring outstanding results to your operation.