Chuck Topinka

Senior Partner

Growing up in Chicago I always thought I'd be a pilot.

So I join the Navy and end up under water instead of in the sky. While in the Navy a fellow shipmate talks about how all of these computers are getting hooked up on the Internet and I have to try it. I do, build a couple web sites and next thing you know we have a company named Mindstar Web Development with a bunch of clients, Microsoft Sitebuilder certifications, and employees to take care of. So starts the journey and it's only 1995!

Fast forward a decade and the Internet is a completely different place. I've marketed countless companies from automotive aftermarket, car dealerships, resorts and theme parks, timeshare, insurance, equipment pooling, you name it. I've flashed, YouTubed, and tweeted. I drank my share of Java, both with and without scripts. I cast a .net and caught the PHP bug. I love to watch styles cascade.

I admit I keyword stuffed when it was the in thing to do. I hid content, cloaked, link farmed, etc. all before it was considered "black hat." I've learned and I love using that experience to help my clients achieve insane returns on investment. I like to say my hat is "white with a touch of gray."

Visit Chuck's blog where he likes to use big letters to make a point. He never colored inside the lines as a kid either.

"Always do whatever's next."

George Carlin