• It often amazes me...
    It often amazes me... ...that people get hung-up on the look of their web site and not the search visibility. It's kind of like owning a Bentley that doesn't have an engine!
  • Many still believe...
    Many still believe... ...that marketing is about shouting your features to the crowd. I believe it is more like talking with individuals about the benefits you provide.
  • They say that...
    They say that... ..."great minds think alike." I think that's ridiculous! Why would you want smart people to agree on everything?
  • If you still don't believe...
    If you still don't believe... ...in the power of the Internet then you don't know Facebook, Google, Amazon, YouTube, Expedia, Match.com and IPG!
  • Go ahead...
    Go ahead... Get a little crazy and take a risk. You might go down in flames but you'll have a lot more fun than if you never took a chance.
  • Rock On!
    Rock On! In life and business if you're going to play, Rock On! Don't do a Barry Manilow!

Don Bosworth

Don Bosworth

Senior Partner

My family, friends, business partners and fellow IPG "groupies;" landscaping on hot sunny days; a fourth Super Bowl victory for my New England Patriots and an NBA Championship for the Magic; conservative talk radio; behaving like a Christian; "tossing" free-weights; fine dining with a beautiful woman; America the way it used to be; Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam, Sting, U2 and more; Braveheart, Gladiator and Rudy among others; Sam Adams or Meyers Dark & Coke (with a lime of course); nature and landscape photography; music; laughing a lot and sleeping-in on Sunday mornings… "These are a few of my favorite things."

The first 50 years was a good ride. I’ve been blessed to have seen many cultures and countries and to have experienced the awe of the Canadian Rockies, Iceland’s Great Geyser, Norway’s fjords, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and much more. I’ve been fortunate to have made 1,000’s of friends while losing very few and I’ve done a pretty fair job at dealing with life’s challenges. And while another 50 is unlikely I’m thinking it is time to grow a great business (IPG), live more adventurously, love more generously and savor more deeply every step in the journey. Yea, I wanna have a lot more fun too!

Visit Don's blog for a sometimes quirky take and awesome analogies on all things Internet Marketing related.

"Where liberty is (dwells), there is my country"

Ben Franklin

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