Semi-custom Website

Internet Performance Group offers semi-custom website design to speed implementation, while at the same time providing you a completely unique design.

How does a semi-custom website help your business?

  • Thousands of configuration choices
  • Much less expensive than custom design
  • Highly flexible for updating look and feel
  • Logical navigation elements

What does IPG do?

  • Meets with you to discuss your business personality
  • Gathers your creative assets like logos and pictures
  • Selects 3 configurations based on your input, implements your assets, and present for your review
  • Meets with you to discuss the options and outline all the things about the design that can be customized for you
  • Works with you to identify the initial content requirements.

Want just a semi-custom configuration on an existing Joomla site?

Get all the tasks listed in this services description a la carte for $900.

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