Optimized Website Copy

We Create Web Copy That Drives Your Audience to Take an Action
Web copy should engage the reader, and persuade each person in your target market to take an action. You can only begin to see significant conversion results from your web presence when you are able to “hook” the prospects.

In order to keep your visitors and prospects engaged, the site copy should have the goal of being client-centric. It must address the problems your potential clients may be facing. The copy is never from your perspective alone.

Copy is not the only element that will impact your online visitor, but studies have proven that copy is the first thing your potential client will look at when they enter your site. If you are looking to persuade visitors to become buyers, reduce obstacles that may come in a potential customer’s way, and keep your online visitor hooked, we have the solution for you with our copy optimization services.

How does optimized website copy help your business?

  • Well-written content, spell checked and grammar checked, portrays attention to detail in your business
  • Highly index-able pages
  • Search strategy per page for greater visibility
  • Anchor site links for navigation

What does IPG do?

  • Conducts keyword research to determine the words people are using to find what you offer
  • Identifies the competitive situation for target keywords to determine which keywords your copy is likely to rank well for
  • Writes an initial draft of the copy
  • Checks draft against readability and keyword density
  • Updates draft for appropriate readability and keyword density
  • Reviews final draft with our internal editors
  • Implements HTML markup to make the copy web-ready
  • Presents copy for your review/approval
  • Implements one round of updates based on your feedback

Want IPG to just provide an article for you?

Get all the tasks listed in this service description a la carte for $660 per article (up to 500 words).

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