Email Marketing

How can email marketing help your business?

  • Communicate directly with customers and prospects
  • Easy to manage control panel
  • Harvest opted-in e-mail addresses to avoid Can-Spam issues
  • Continually updated e-mail address database lessens costs
  • Provides brand consistency
  • Highly identifiable by e-mail recipients
  • Sound navigation and links to encourage conversions
  • Powerfully written email articles to attract attention and drive conversions
  • Relevant and interesting content enhances open rate

What does IPG do?

Setup services

  • Meet with you to discuss goals and considerations for email campaigns
  • Advise you on acceptable email collection including CAN-SPAM considerations
  • Develop email campaign strategy
  • Establish account with email distribution partner
  • Create HTML email template draft
  • Review HTML email template draft internally
  • Update HTML email template based on internal comments
  • Share HTML email template with you
  • Implement feedback from your review
  • Install template with email distribution partner as necessary
  • Create email signature template

Recurrent services

  • Write draft copy for email article with links to website as appropriate
  • Review draft copy internally
  • Implement feedback from internal reviews
  • Check email for acceptable spam score
  • Share article with you
  • Implement feedback from your review
  • Tag links to aid in reporting and measurement
  • Check email for acceptable spam score
  • Distribute email to your distribution list

Want IPG to provide email marketing separate from one of our packages?

Get all the tasks listed in this services description a la carte for a one-time setup fee of $2,000 and a recurring fee of $450/email distribution (distribution costs extra).

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