Paid Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

The “big kahuna” in paid search is Google Adwords. With a little more than 70% of the market share for paid search engine marketing (pay-per-click) most companies including IPG focus their paid efforts on Google. As of late however Bing/Yahoo paid advertising has grown and is in a solid second place at about 13% market share. We’ll do some work with them and the smaller search engines if it makes sense for your business.

Paid search engine marketing (PPC) can be a powerful driver of traffic to your web site. Often it is a complement to organic search when it is difficult to achieve natural search visibility for high demand keywords. IPG typically recommends a “dose” of PPC for new web site launches as the indexing for organic search can take months. To do paid marketing right you need to…

  • Link your ads to pages with content that is relevant to the ads.
  • Write powerful snippets with calls-to-action that will encourage “pre-qualified” click-throughs.
  • Understand and manage the balance between your investments and acquisition costs.

We created a website specifically targeted at our PPC Management and Training services at

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