Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In a word organic search engine marketing is all about content. You’ve probably heard all kinds of stories (and at times fairy tales and urban legends) about algorithms, keyword density, link popularity and meta tags. And while some of these things still matter, successful search engine marketing is a factor of your web site’s content. In short, the more the better.

You v. Competition...its content that expands your “shelf space” or visibility online.

Think of it this way… Your company sells one kind of cereal. Your competition (let’s say Post) sells many flavors. Who will have the most shelf-space at the grocery? With search its content that expands your “shelf space” or visibility online. The more content you have indexed the more likely your web site will be found with keyword queries relevant to your business. It’s a pretty basic concept that involves some key principles for doing content right.

  • Go “all-in” on a page with a single keyword for the most important queries.
  • Utilize keywords more heavily at the top of the page to help the spiders.
  • Make sure your content is readable and yes, enjoyable to site visitors.

Now there are some web site structural processes that need to be taken care of during the development of your site. Here’s where we get back to links and tags and all of the techie stuff. IPG will handle all of this for you when we build your web pages. We’ll then create a plan for developing content that is relevant to your business and will help you get found through search.

See what Google's own Matt Cutts says about Search Engine Optimization...

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