Social Media Marketing


Bahama Bay Facebook PageSocial Media is one of the latest buzzwords being used on the internet. It seems to be the incarnation of Web 2.0, which is itself a buzzword. The problem with buzzwords... someone can read 3 pages on the web and sound like an expert.

Okay, so we'll use the term social media marketing since you went through the trouble of visiting this page and we never want to disappoint you.

We see social media marketing just like any other face-to-face marketing channel. We give people a reason to want to be social with you. How many times have you been at a party and someone barges in on the conversation with nothing relevant to say? (30 second rule!) That's what 90% of social media is like these days. So we give your customers a reason to engage in conversation with you, then cultivate the relationship into another raving fan.


Online Reputation Monitoring

The next time you are standing in the grocery check-out line take a good look at the gossip magazines. Do you believe any or even some of the headlines? Despite the odd John Edwards story much of the commentary in these “rags” is either misleading or malicious. And yet there is little recourse for the subjects of the articles. Sadly, much of the same type of content is being posted online and some of it may be about you and your company.

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E-Mail Marketing

No one likes SPAM - the “meat” or the mail. Spam on your dinner plate is bad enough but being an e-mail “spammer” can kill your business online. You need to do it right and you probably should get some help – from IPG.

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Social Media Management

Who’d have thought that Facebook would become a business marketing medium? IPG did! Early on it became apparent that Facebook (and Twitter for that matter) would cross-over from the social world into the corporate one.

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