Social Media Management

Cole's Classic Cars Facebook PageWho’d have thought that Facebook would become a business marketing medium? IPG did! Early on it became apparent that Facebook (and Twitter for that matter) would cross-over from the social world into the corporate one. Despite the evolution, they still call it Social Media and for good reasons. Social media is all about building and maintaining communities, of friends, family and customers, and as a business you really need to do it right!

Today 600 million people use Facebook; about one third as many use Twitter, and a little more than 100 million people use YouTube. Big numbers and growing! And some research folks claim that 40-70% of small to medium-sized businesses have Facebook pages – with very few having a strategy or true understanding of how to manage social media. Some things to consider…

  • Short and sweet messaging on the best days of the week and the right times of day.
  • Don’t sell! Just be social and good things will happen.
  • Be consistent with your brand, messaging and frequency of activity.

Social media management is one of IPG’s specialties; largely because we’ve been doing it for a while. We understand the etiquette and messaging techniques that will help your business or organization be successful with social media.

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