E-Mail Marketing

Email Blast for Caribe CoveNo one likes SPAM - the “meat” or the mail. Spam on your dinner plate is bad enough but being an e-mail “spammer” can kill your business online. You need to do it right and you probably should get some help – from IPG.

E-mail marketing can be an Internet marketing tool that can help your business sell, service and consistently communicate with your customers. It’s one of those marketing tactics that most businesses try to do on their own and few get it right for a variety of reasons. The toughest part of e-mail marketing? Getting opted-in addresses. The next toughest? Creating compelling messages that will prompt the e-mail receiver to click back.

IPG’s proprietary e-mail harvesting and delivery system is tomorrow’s solution for successful e-mail marketing. Your business or organization will more quickly and effectively build a contact database and communicate with them through results-generating messages that reap much higher open and referral rates. Ask IPG for a demo and you’ll be wowed by what our system can do for you.

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