Semi-custom Website Design

Don’t get too hung up on how pretty your web site design looks! There are many more things to be concerned about to be successful online. Remember, web site design is subjective. And while you may like the design of your web site there will be some folks who don’t. It’s just human nature.

With that being said, you should like your web site design. After all, no one is going to look at your site more than you. And IPG will design a web site you are proud to show your friends and business associates. More importantly, your web site must be designed with these factors in mind…

  • Easy and logical navigation so site visitors will do what you want them to on your site.
  • Promotions and calls-to-action placed in the most prominent places on the pages.
  • Colors and images that reinforce your brand; consistent with your other marketing material.

IPG uses a “semi-custom” approach to web site design. Using an open-source content management system and the Gantry framework, IPG designs web sites that are not only appealing, the design investment is only 20-70% of that for a fully custom web site. And most people can’t tell the difference. We’ll help you put your savings to better use, such as marketing, to have more customers find you online!