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SEO Junk Science

You are now part of the experiment!

A member of our team sent me a link to a blog entry on a very well known and respected SEO site. It got me thinking that a lot of SEO types forego the scientific method when conducting their "experiments," creating a bit of SEO junk science in the process.


To Be Fair

I have a confession to make. Bear with me as it is always difficult to acknowledge the errors of your ways. But now that I have reached an age when criticism has a much lesser impact on my ego I am now prepared to admit to a professional failing. And since there is much commentary on the IPG site about “Internet Marketing Made Simple” it is now time for me to come clean. Since we talk so much about simplifying Internet marketing it is only fair that I step up to the plate with this public unbosoming.


Smoke & Mirrors Internet Marketing

You’ve heard the phrase “smoke & mirrors,” right? It was made a part of the American lexicon by Jimmy Breslin in 1975. The original connotation of the phrase involved carnival magicians that made things “disappear” using a combination of props that included puffs of smoke and retracting mirrors. Breslin made it popular while commenting on political power. Today the metaphor is widely understood as deceptive information. We’ll refer to it now for much of what you see online with regard to Internet marketing.


An Automobile And A Website

First, I’d love to hear from you if you ever did this. Then again, probably not…

You decide it is time to get a new automobile. Since Toyota is having some issues since the earthquake, the tsunami and the radiation leaks you figure this time you’ll “Buy American” and visit the Cadillac dealership.


Ostrich And Internet Marketing

There is an old myth (yes, it’s a myth) about ostriches burying their heads in the sand when danger approaches. The idea was that if they could not see danger it did not exist. The overriding premise behind the myth and the “bury your head in the sand” idiom is avoidance; a refusal to acknowledge a problem. While ostriches don’t bury their heads in the sand, many business people do when it comes to Internet marketing.


Internet Marketing Made Simple

Fed up with mumbo-jumbo

OK, I'm going to give up a big secret that high priced Internet marketing consultants probably don't want you to know.


IBM Watson Future of Search Engines

Glimpse of the Future Search Engines

I took a passing interest in the latest Jeopardy! craze where IBM's super computer, Watson, took on two past Jeopardy! champions. Watson won hands down, and it made me think that the algorithms Watson had to use to understand the semantics of the English language could be a glimpse into future search engines.


Ultimate SEO Scam - Brilliant or Downright Dirty

I was conducting some competitive analysis for one of our clients today and came across an SEO linkbuilding scam that was really well done. While the technique used is pretty smart--and technically "white-hat"--the end result could be scamming people out of their hard earned property.