Search Marketing Groupie

Able to leap rankings in a single month, writes powerful copy in 95 characters, tweets about things more interesting than where you are and what you are eating... just a few things necessary to be a successful Search Marketing Groupie!

Our Search Marketing Groupies are core to our clients' success and we don't hire lightly. All groupies have one job... Impress our clients every day!

We don't post qualifications for this position because they changed 4 times while you were reading this.

There are some basics...

  • Can use industry terminology (ROAS, ROI, SERP, PPC, CPC, CPM) in a sentence and has a history of success.
  • Knows analytical software packages/reports forwards and backwards, especially Google Analytics.
  • Has an industry certification or can get certified within 30 days of being hired (in addition to all the work we will dump on you as the new person).

We'll warn you, we have short attention spans and generally don't like anyone who calls themselves a search marketer. Our defenses against wannabe's are keen and we are likely to reject very good people in our quest for the best. Our clients trust us because we are highly selective.

So, tell us why you think you would make a good Search Marketing Groupie with a short note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Don't bother with form letters or sending a resume just yet. If we are interested we'll email you back and ask for more. If not, we'll let you know.